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WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program

Thank you for your interest in the WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program. This Program aims to support commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural property owners improve water efficiency in large landscapes through rebates for irrigation device upgrades. The WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program allows the customer to receive a comprehensive package of innovative irrigation devices for a discounted price through qualified contractors. The incentivized devices, especially when installed in combination, are considered the irrigation industry’s best management practices.

Rebates per Device:

Devices *

Rebate Amount*

Smart Irrigation Controller

$50 per station (up to 11 in-active stations)

High-Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles

$7 per nozzle

Flow Sensors

$120 per sensor

Drip Irrigation

$0.40 per square foot

WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program Terms & Conditions

Please read the following WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program (Program) Terms & Conditions to
determine eligibility and Program restrictions.

1. Qualifying Projects:

  • Commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural properties must be located in the San Diego County Water Authority (Water Authority) service area and receive water service from one of the Water Authority’s 24 member agencies. To verify if a project site is in the Water Authority’s service area, visit: or

  • Project site must have an existing irrigation system in place that can accommodate the listed device types: smart irrigation controllers, high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles, flow sensors, and drip irrigation.

  • The project site must have a minimum of one (1) acre of irrigated landscaping (no maximum). 

  • The requirements are per site application. Each site requires an individual application. To get the maximum benefit, all four (4) device types are recommended.

  • A site address previously rebated through Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (Metropolitan) regional or its water agency programs is not eligible to receive another rebate for the same type of device. Water Authority or its agent will verify previous program participation based on the information provided in the rebate application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide accurate information to allow for proper past participation verification. 

  • The Participant acknowledges and agrees that participation in Program is at the Water Authority’s sole discretion. The Water Authority reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny Participant enrollment.

  • The Water Authority reserves the right to remove any Participant from Program for reasonable cause, including, without limitation, provision of false information, failure to competently install devices under the Program, and determination of reasonable cause is within the sole discretion of the Water Authority. The Program is subject to change and may end without advance notice. 

  • The Participant agrees to act and represent its business as an independent contractor and at no time will Participant or any of the Participant’s employees represent its business as an employee, agent, partner, or representative of the Water Authority or the Water Authority’s member agency. Participant has no right or power to bind the Water Authority or act on its behalf when dealing with customers or third parties.

  • The Participant agrees that the Water Authority is not endorsing Participant’s business or warranting or endorsing any equipment that may be sold by the Participant. Under no circumstances shall the Water Authority be liable to the Participant or their customer for any direct or indirect losses, costs or damages arising from or related to any equipment or installation under the Program.

  • All applications are required to be accurate in all manners related to the device type, quantity, location and installation status. Failure of any application to meet these standards will trigger an investigation of the issues. If it is found that the Participant was negligent in meeting the requirements or Terms and Conditions of the Program, the Participant will be removed from the Program.

2. Contractor and Self Managed Site Qualifications: 

  • Must be able to navigate and enroll the project using the Program’s online portal.

  • Must provide proof of:

    • Active C-27 license

    • Active Commercial General Liability Insurance

    • Active California Statutory Workers Compensation Insurance

3. Rebate and Application Information:


All devices must be installed prior to the reservation expiration date and submitting a Notice of Completion (available on dashboard).

4. Rebate and Document Information:

  • Rebate reservations are valid for 90 calendar days after Notice to Proceed has been issued. A completion rebate application, along with required documentation, must be sent no later than the Reservation Expiration date. Any applications submitted after the 90-day expiration date may not be accepted. Project extensions may be issued by Water Authority in writing on a case-by-case basis.

  • Rebate checks will be issued only to the contractor or self-managed site owner listed on the rebate application.

  • Rebate payment can only exceed the reserved amount at the discretion of SDCWA and is subject to verification, completeness, and accuracy of all required documentation. 

  • Required documentation includes, but is not limited to, a copy of the original materials purchase receipt and photos.

  • A copy of the project site water bill is required with the initial application. The water bill must display the name of the water service provider, water account and meter numbers, account holder’s name and project site address.

  • The receipt or invoice must include the device make and model number, date of purchase, and proof of full payment. Additional documentation may be required upon request at any time in order to verify the information associated with the rebate application.

  • Some devices or products may no longer be eligible for rebates, and rebate amounts are subject to change at any time.

  • Site owner is responsible for all labor costs and any device costs beyond the rebate amount. 

  • By applying for a rebate in this program, Participant and customer information listed on the rebate application may be subject to disclosure to requesting parties pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

  • In order to receive a rebate, the payee’s Social Security or Tax ID number must be provided via a completed Form W-9 (Request for Tax-Payer Identification Number) along with the rebate application paperwork. The name on the W-9 form must match the name on the rebate check. This form must be completed so that the rebate administrator can properly complete and issue a 1099 tax form. This requirement is in compliance with exemptions to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, 42 UCS 405 (c )(2)(c ). The Internal Revenue Service requires Rebate Program participants receiving $600 or more in rebates to receive an IRS Form 1099 unless exemptions apply. Social Security or tax payer ID numbers provided as part of the application process are held in confidence under terms of the Privacy Act and are not divulged or otherwise conveyed to individuals or organizations outside the Program. For other questions regarding Program tax implications, please contact a tax professional.

  • Water Authority and participating water agencies are not responsible for any taxes, fees or tariffs that may be imposed as a result of device purchases.

  • By participating in the Program, the project site owner or their designee authorizes the release of their water bill and water consumption history from their water service provider.

5. Inspections:

  • Water Authority reserves the right to verify and inspect all rebated devices.

  • The Water Authority reserves the right to contact any Program Participant or their customer regarding any application. 

  • If a device installation cannot be verified, the applicant will be required to refund the rebate amount including all associated processing costs. Access to the rebated device(s) must be provided. 

  • The Participant may be required to reimburse the Water Authority for any payment received in excess of the verified rebate amount. 

  • Any project receiving $10,000 in rebates are subject to 100% inspections.

  • Projects receiving less than $10,000 are subject to random inspections.

Disclaimer: Neither the Water Authority, Metropolitan, nor the Water Authority’s Member Agencies, or their contractors or agents, makes any representation or warranty regarding the devices eligible for rebates under this Program, including any hazardous substances that may be contained in the device. By participating in the Program, the applicant agrees to waive and release Water Authority, Metropolitan, and the Water Authority’s Member Agencies , and their contractors or agents, from any and all claims and causes of action arising out of the purchase, installation or use of the devices purchased in connection with the Program. Any claim that the Program Participant may have based upon any defect or failure of performance of a device purchased by you should be pursued with the manufacturer or distributor.

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