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Self-Managed Site Enrollment


Thank you for your interest in the WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program. As an authorized representative of your site, please complete every section of the application. For assistance, please call (888) 233-5607. 

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1 - Profile
2 - Contact Information
3 - Documents
4 - Upload Documents
5 - Acknowledgement

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A self-managed site is a property that is owned and maintained by the staff of the same organization. If your organization employs staff that conducts irrigation and other landscaping work, who are certified irrigation efficiency practitioners, you qualify to apply through this path. Your staff must conduct the project work for any projects completed through this program.

1 - Which type of site(s) in San Diego County are you applying for?

2 - What is your full name?

3 - What is the name of your organization (agency, institution, company, etc)?

4 - What is your position with your organization?

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